Laser Cutter Class

60 Watt CO2 laser CNC

The Laser Cutter class at the Jackson Makerspace will show you the basics of running the laser cutter to cut out a wood coin.


Ticket Options

You may also pay in person before the date of the class.
Either call or check the calendar to see if we are here.

Topics may include:

  • How does it work?
  • What can we do with it?
  • Connecting it and turning it on
  • Scan artwork
  • Focus the laser
  • Configure Settings

No need to bring anything. We will provide everything needed.

HOWEVER if you want to bring in a custom graphic please bring a JPG, SVG, or DXF file.

When you register for the class you will receive an email with a wood coin template so you can also freehand sketch a graphic.

No previous experience needed.

Here is a good overview of a laser cutter – NOTE not the same model as the Jackson Makerspace laser cutter!