6125 sqft of workshop and office space with lots of tables & chairs for meetings and places to work on all your projects or hang out with other makers.

Rapid prototyping

Laser cutter, 3D Printers, Vinyl cutter


Table saw, jig saw, planer, shaper, band saw, router table, disc sander, belt sander, oscillating sander, drill press, lots of manual & power hand tools, work space, clamps. Even a paint booth.

Metalworking & Stone

Lathe, Bridgeport mill, MIG welder, TIG welder, Arc Welder, Oxyacetylene torch, Cutoff saw, metal band saw, grinding wheel, wire wheel, surface grinder.


Oscilloscopes, signal generator, solder stations, variable power supplies

Arts and Crafts

Sewing machine, fabric cutting table, hot glue guns, pottery wheel

Programming / Web

WiFI, computer workstations, Arduino
Robot & Makerbot 3D printer